What It Is

SHELTER: Simply Securing Safe Spaces

BEST SHELTER is a responsive lockdown solution that can be configured to adapt to your building and security protocol—just the way you want. SHELTER combines code-compliant hardware and proven technology. Best of all, it was designed with input from people who have experienced live lockdown situations. This distinct perspective led to an innovative set of features and functionality, allowing you to custom-tailor how SHELTER responds in a lockdown event. 

Education Market


Education Market

With incidents rising at an alarming rate, schools have become one of the highest at-risk environments for live shooters and violence. Because every school building is different, SHELTER was designed to adapt to an individual school's layout, traffic flow and security protocol.

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Commercial Market


Commercial Market

Today, office buildings, healthcare facilities, places of worship, theaters, retail areas and government and military properties must all approach security differently. Because every building is different, SHELTER was designed to adapt to an individual building’s layout, traffic flow and security protocol.

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What It Does


There are countless response options possible with SHELTER. You can configure the system to fit your unique needs.

It starts with the gateway and repeater.

You use the software to set up how the building responds.

Lockdown is initiated via fobs or hardwired switches.

You can:

Connect to an alarm panel to notify first responders

Lock down a single door, a set of doors or an entire building

Notify first responders, lock down all interior doors and lock down any assembly spaces with connected exit devices

Compatible Products

Specific hardware can be enrolled on your secure 900 MHz
wireless network to quickly lock down doors.

Door Locks


BEST 9KX Cylindrical Lock

This BHMA Grade 1 lock with a 900 MHz transceiver is compatible with the SHELTER network. In a lockdown situation, it transitions from classroom and storeroom function to ensure a door is locked on the outside and the lever is rigid.

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Exit Devices


PRECISION Apex Exit Device

This electric exit device connects to a SHELTER repeater to enable lockdown of assembly areas. It controls entry by remotely locking or unlocking the outside trim, and always ensures safe and reliable egress.

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Industry Accolades

Repeated Recognition of BEST SHELTER

We're not the only ones who think SHELTER is "BEST." This new responsive lockdown solution has been recognized repeatedly for its innovativeness in building security, particularly as it relates to school lockdown strategies. Since 2016, several organizations have named BEST SHELTER as a best new product or stand-out product in its category. Additionally, SHELTER has been featured in several trade and mainstream publications, including Doors & Hardware, Locksmith Ledger, SDM, Security Products Health Facilities Management, Government Security News and the Wall Street Journal.


Hardware, Software & Control Systems


Locks and Door Hardware


Access Control Devices & Peripherals

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Available Packages

SHELTER can be configured to the size and
package that fits your building's needs.

These starter packages provide a convenient way to begin adding SHELTER to your facility.

SHELTER Notification Kit


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SHELTER Perimeter Lockdown Kit


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SHELTER Total Lockdown Kit


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The average active shooter incident is over in five minutes or less—with half of those ending in less than two minutes.

More than 60 percent of these incidents are over before police and first responders arrive at the scene.

The FBI reported 220 active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2016—an average of 12.9 incidents during the 17-year span.

In 2017 alone, shootingtracker.com reported 346 active shooter incidents across the United States.

86% of shootings occur inside a building in spaces such as classrooms, large assembly spaces, offices and meeting rooms.

There has never been an event where the active shooter breached a locked classroom door.*

*Finding from final report of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

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